Веб сервисы и программы для журналистов

Список полезых для журналиста сайтов и прог, актуально на 2008 год


Weebly – A free website building tool
Yola – Another free website building tool
Jimdo – Another free website building tool
Google Sites – A free website building tool
Wix – A free website building tool using Flash
Blogger – Simple way to blog
WordPress – A blog and static webpage product
MovableType – A downloadable blog system
Blogsome – More blogging
Livejournal – Blogging with a social community
Tumblr – A combination of Twitter and blogging
Posterous – A simple way to share thoughts and links
MSN Spaces – Another community blogging product
Vox – Nice clean designs for blogs
Kompozer – A web design tool that does a lot of things Dreamweaver does (but for free)

Audio Editing/Podcasting

Audacity – Free audio editing tool (needs to download LameLib to create MP3 files)
MyPodcast.com – Free podcast hosting tool
1 Pixel Out – A WordPress plug in you can use to embed audio into your website (you need server space). Mindy McAdams created a tutorial on how to make that work.

Video Sharing/Editing

YouTube – Everyone uses it and it’s available for use on WordPress.com and you can create a channel for your content
Vimeo – Beautiful, clean video player
Motionbox – Clean video player, offers a video editing tool
Photobucket – Free place to store video
Viddler – Nice video player and you can comment on the video
Tubemogul – Upload your video EVERYWHERE!

Video Streaming

Justin.tv – One of the first free streaming services
Mogulus – Lets you produce as simple or as complicated a webcast you want (you can even have multiple cameras)
Ustream – Another popular and reliable multi-camera tool (And there’s a really popular puppy cam)
Blip.tv – Another nice option for streaming video

Video Conversion

MPEG Streamclip
Handbrake (for Macs)
WinFF (for PCs)
ffmpegx (for Macs)

MediaFork (DVD to MP4 for Macs)

Zamzar – an online conversion tool that will seriously convert almost anything

Photo Sharing/Editing

Flickr – Professional storage and free editing tool (size limit) – has a social community
Photobucket – Free place to store photos
Picasa – Photo storage (works directly with Blogger and all other Google Tools) and photo editing
Photoshop Express - Just like Photoshop image editing but online
Mashable created this page with even more photo editors.


Vuvox - Create a multimedia collage and embed it to your site.

Document Sharing/Collaborating

Google Documents – Create content and work on it from anywhere with Internet. Good for collaborating.
Basecamp - Collaborate content, deadlines, messages and content. Basic version is free.
Google Groups – Collaborate content, deadlines, messages and content.

Social Networking

Ning – Set up your own social network with ease
– A web browser that makes it easy to follow all of your social networks
– A microblog that lets you connect socially and share links and information in a concise way
– A tool that lets you Twitter with more than one account
Twitter Search
– Follow Twitter themes by searching keywords
Utterli – Share audio updates to your site
MySpace – Old school social networking
Facebook – Many opportunities to promote your news product here

File Sharing
Getdropbox – Share files big and small without worrying about file size

Social Link Sharing
Digg – Share links and discuss
Social Median – Similar sharing but also community and theme based link sharing
del.icio.us – Bookmark and share links
StumbleUpon – Discover links that fit your interest
Magnolia – Another spot to share and learn about links

Content Management Systems
(let’s get complicated here)
Django – many newspaper websites are built on this open source system
Drupal – many other news and information sites are built using this open source system
Joomla – another powerful open source CMS that is used by many news and information organizations.