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IGF-2011. About Moscow hub

The United Editorial Board of Internet Projects is a unit of the Faculty of Journalism at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.
We produce and manage all types of the Internet activities, for example development of new sites, content production and editing, community marketing and other types of web-based promotion of the Faculty's activity. We are officialy registered mass-media.
Also we support the educational process with integration of the new ICTs.

We’re 1 Year Old! (1 week ago)

It was 1 year ago when the site appeared, where the staff of the editorial board could privately exchange information, share links and publications of interest, set up goals and give accounts of the work that had been done.

Over the past year the site has evolved from a notepad into a full-sized working project which gives us an opportunity to keep up with everything and always be at work


The 2002 version of the site (the one being remade) replaced the site containing 20 pages with maximum 2 updates a month. So for that moment the new version meant for adding materials and news seemed to comply with the flow of information perfectly. In the course of time the productivity of the people working with the site turned out to be higher than the one of the CMS, which hadn’t been meant for such a volume of information.

The Site History

In the year 1999 the home page of the Department’s site said (author unknown):
“At present the site in under construction, but we are trying hard to help it out of this poor condition as soon as possible. Today the site is more attractive than yesterday, so imagine what tomorrow has to offer. If you think something is missing here, please contact us. 
The site is updated on Mondays and Thursdays.”

To be continued...

Thu 08/07/2010

The topic “Postgraduate Courses” has been completely moved to the new site! 
It’s nice, but that was not the scariest topic… :)

Wed, 07/07/2010

It stands to reason that the previous variant of the Chair’s webpage cannot hold the loaded data, so today we were drawing a draft for the Chair’s webpage. The drafts on flipcharts really pay for themselves and always appear a real help for discussions. 

The point for the discussion was the way of displaying the news (types, margins and dates).  

July, 6: Let's start the chronicles

Here we start the new part of our narration about the inside life of the site

Join our test

The staff and the students are welcome to join the piloting of our new site as registered users. Send your letters to and mention: 
1. Your log in and password;
2. Full name;
3. Subdivision of the Department (chair, laboratory etc), for the students – the year, form and group;
4. For the staff – the position and workplace telephone;

The basic stages of work

February 2010 
The project’s concept coordination, the start of programming 
March 2010 
Discussing the first variant of the site’s redesign, finishing the programming 
May 2010
The design is accepted.

What will the site be like?

The 2002 version of the site, although loved by many, is hopelessly out of date. That’s why we decided to introduce global changes – starting from the design of the site and finishing with its possibilities and options. 
Our aim at this stage is to make the site a user-friendly tool of the teaching and study process, to increase the speed of info renewal, to add the possibilities of multimedia and communication.